Understanding Anxiety

Originally posted at https://www.facebook.com/MentalHealthFirstAidUSA/

Originally posted at https://www.facebook.com/MentalHealthFirstAidUSA/

School is back in session, and with that can bring additional obligations and responsibilities.  Just like adults, adolescents can face tremendous responsibilities.  Some anxiety is normal and common.  Most of us can relate to having a difficult day, stressing about a deadline, worrying about a conflict with a friend or family member.

While some anxiety is to be expected and even normal, if it’s becoming disruptive and interfering with a person’s ability to effectively engage with others, or has a negative impact on the ability to function in school or participate in other activities, there’s a chance that it could be an anxiety disorder.

In addition to anxiety manifesting with feelings of worry or fear, there are also a number of physical signs and symptoms that are associated with anxiety.  Parents, is you child suddenly experiencing more frequent headaches or stomach upset?  It may be worth a conversation to see what else might be going on.

Do you know the other signs and symptoms of anxiety?  Check out the graphic to see some common (and maybe surprising!) indicators.